Does it need a special performance area?

No.  The performance area should be in a room or suite not open to the public.  It should be quiet and private so your guests can hear the dialogue.  All we need is a small performance space (roughly 4m x 3m) and basic seating, either facing or surrounding the performance area.  The room should be able to be darkened (eg with curtains).

What about a stage and equipment?

A raised stage is not required.  We're entirely self-contained and bring our own professional stage lighting and sound equipment.

Is this only suitable for people who go to the theatre?

These events will suit almost everyone.  Your guests do not have to be avid theatre-goers to appreciate and enjoy these plays.  Each play is carefully chosen to be accessible, entertaining and thought-provoking. Nothing too shocking or controversial that is likely to upset or offend your guests. Just good theatre involving grown-up themes. For peace of mind, the scripts can be provided to you in advance.

What is the cost?

These are stripped-down presentations that focus on the actors’ performances.  Overheads are kept to a minimum so we can offer these events at a sensible fixed price of £425.

How long do the plays last?

Our current package comprises these three short plays, with an intermission of 10 to 15 minutes between performances. Total performance time will not exceed 1 hour.

When can performances take place?

We can Pop-up in your venue any day that suits - weekday or weekend, daytime or evening.  Sunday afternoon or evening is particularly suited to a Pop-up Theatre event.

Will this disrupt other guests?

Not at all.  We are very discreet, and cause minimal fuss or disruption. With a suitably private performance area, guests elsewhere in your venue will be unaware of what is happening.

Is this like Murder Mystery events?

Absolutely not.  We give full-blown, serious theatrical performances that demand the attention of the audience. So, unlike a Murder Mystery, we do not perform while the guests are dining. Our performances take place either before or after dining.

Is there a mileage charge?

Only if your venue is located outwith the central belt of Scotland.  Contact us to discuss.